• NASA DC-8 above Edwards Air Force Base
  • Rich Moore (front)
    Bruce Anderson (rear)
    Taking measurements aboard the NASA Falcon
  • NASA Falcon and Langley Aerosol Research Group’s mobile lab set up for ground testing
  • Sampling NASA DC-8 exhaust, view from the cockpit of the NASA Falcon
  • NASA Falcon trailing and sampling the exhaust of the NASA DC-8

Welcome to the Aeronautics Field Projects website

As part of NASA’s commitment to aviation innovation, the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate conducts field projects to collect data relevant to aviation in real-world environments. In particular, understanding aircraft emissions is vital to NASA’s efforts to make aviation more sustainable.

To achieve this goal, NASA’s four aeronautics field centers (Ames Research Center, Armstrong Flight Research Center, Glenn Research Center, and Langley Research Center), in collaboration with industrial, academic, and international partners, have undertaken a number of field experiments to improve our knowledge of the impact of aviation on the environment.

Latest News

Mar 2017

Flying With Fuel From Plants: The Eco-friendly Way to Go

All of the aircraft, researchers and flight operations people who made ACCESS II happen. Credits: NASA/Tom Tschida
Using biofuels to help power jet engines reduces particle emissions in their exhaust by as much as 5
Dec 2015

NASA Instruments Head to Germany for Alternative Fuels Research

The DLR Airbus 320 sits "downfield" from a pair of NASA-operated sampling inlets that measure engine exhaust emissions
NASA's ongoing research into the environmental effects of burning alternative fuels in jet engines p
Jun 2015

NASA Aeronautics Set to Premiere High-Flying Sequel

Technicians outfit a NASA HU-25C Guardian with equipment
It's the season for sequels. Not only in Hollywood, but over the high desert of California as well.
Jun 2015

NASA Begins Flight Research Campaign Using Alternate Jet Fuel

Instrumented NASA HU-25 Falcon aircraft
PALMDALE, Calif. - NASA researchers have begun a series of flights using the agency's DC-8 flying la
Jun 2015

NASA Researchers Sniff Out Alternate Fuel Future

HU-25 Falcon measures chemical components from the larger DC-8's exhaust
At times the view outside the cockpit window of the NASA Falcon HU-25 jet was nothing short of incre
Jun 2015

Alternative Jet Fuels Put to the Test

Connecting pressure ports located on the exhaust inlet probe
NASA and 11 other research groups are testing two non-petroleum-based jet fuels in the pursuit of al
Apr 2015

Chicken Fat Biofuel: Eco-friendly Jet Fuel Alternative?

Testing the biofuel on a NASA DC-8 to measure its performance and emissions
In an RV nicknamed after an urban assault vehicle, scientists from NASA's Langley Research Center tr
Apr 2015

APEX: Measuring Emissions So That Future Aircraft Fly Cleaner

APEX tests of particulate emissions from commercial aircraft
NASA has been studying various types of emissions from commercial aircraft to develop ways to reduce

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